Warranty Claim​

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For Warranty Terms: Please read below for the terms. NovaChill may contact you for a credit card number to start warranty work. If a warranty claim is non-warranty. You will be charged for the work.

NovaChill Warranty Terms:

  1. All NovaChill products come with a two (2) years labour warranty & four (4) years parts warranty.
  2. Proof of purchase must be given at time of warranty claim, copy of tax invoice from supplier / dealership. Without proof of purchase, the warranty will not apply.
  3. Warranty is non-transferable and only available to the original purchaser only or business that has purchased the goods.
  4. All warranty work will take place Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm excluding public holidays, NovaChill will not pay out on any warranty work unless it’s been agreed in writing before work has started.
  5. Warranty doesn’t cover:
      • Glass breakage
      • LED lights
      • Signage
      • Door seals / gaskets
      • Condenser fans motors if condenser hasn’t been cleaned monthly
      • Any cabinet that has been misused or mistreated
  6. NovaChill shall not be responsible for loss of stock or for any loss or damage caused to the buyer or to any other person, company or firm if the equipment does not function at any time. NovaChill recommends having insurance for loss of stock.