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Commercial Bakery Refrigerator Buyer's Guide

Man putting dough in a commercial bakery refrigerator
Commercial bakery fridges are essential for storing fresh baked breads, cakes and pastries. Whether you have a bakery, cafe, restaurant or other food outlet, utilising a high quality bakery refrigerator is paramount to your business.

Solid door bakery fridges can look much the same as regular commercial fridges, but there are some important differences to consider.

How Do Bakery Fridges Differ From Regular Commercial Fridges?

Solid door bakery fridges can look much the same as regular commercial fridges, but there are some important differences to consider.

One key difference between a bakery fridge and a standard commercial refrigerator is a difference in temperature and humidity level. Bakery fridges are kept at a different temperature and humidity range to regular fridges in order to stop the delicate breads and pastries from drying out, keeping them fresh and delicious for long periods of time.

Another difference is that bakery fridges and freezers must have easily removable trays, as this is how most baked goods can easily be transported from ovens to refrigerators and onto display shelves for purchase.

Choosing The Right Bakery Refrigerator

There are many factors which may influence what kind of commercial bakery refrigerator you need to purchase:

  • How many baked goods do you need to bake and store daily?
  •  How much do you need to store and how much do you need to display to customers?
  • Are you selling both perishables and non-perishables?
  • How many items do you expect to sell daily? If you are selling lots of perishable items, you may need to consider batch sizes to minimise food waste, as these items do not last very long before their texture and flavour is affected.
  • How much room do you have in your establishment?
  • Would an under bench bakery fridge fit your space better than an upright bakery fridge?

Read on to learn about the different kinds of bakery refrigerators to find what suits your needs best.

Different Types of Bakery Refrigerators

Upright Solid Door Bakery Refrigerators

Solid door bakery fridges and freezers come in single, double, and triple door units. These refrigerators have a solid door of stainless steel to keep the interior at an ideal temperature. The thick solid doors make these units highly efficient and energy saving. Perfect for storing dough before proofing and any other bakery goods.

Even though these are not display units, it’s still important to choose a refrigerator with good LED interior lighting so that you can quickly locate the items you need. Make sure the unit is mounted on good heavy duty castors so that the appliance can be moved if necessary. Our bakery fridges and bakery freezers are made with high quality stainless steel and are mounted on heavy duty castors that can withstand many years of heavy use.

Another important feature for bakery fridges is adjustable shelving that can be rotated with ease. These trays are typically identical to standard oven trays, so they can easily be moved from fridge to oven.

Under Bench Solid Door Bakery Refrigerators

Under bench bakery fridges are most convenient for cafes and restaurants. They can easily slot under the counter, providing staff quick and easy access to perfectly fresh baked goods.

They can also conveniently store milk, eggs, butter, and other prepared ingredients. Having these items on hand and readily available to staff makes it easy to fulfil orders quickly and smoothly.

Glass Display Bakery Fridges

A bakery is most inviting when there are glass display fridges filled with fresh and tasty baked goods. These display fridges are great for storing, displaying, and refrigerating sandwiches, pastries, cakes, and other desserts. The increased visibility of your goods encourages impulse purchasing from your customers. Merchandisers can utilise either glass front or open display cases to their customers to show case their goods, while keeping stock cool and fresh.

Bakery displays are normally large with multiple shelves to allow shop owners to display a wide variety of baked goods. Upright glass displays allow for showcasing of larger items such as full sized cakes of different sizes.

Counter top glass displays can feature curved or flat glass, and some even have a double layer of glass which can improve the energy efficiency of the refrigerator. The most effective glass displays are those with clear shelving which gives items a “floating” appearance. Clear shelves also allow more light to filter around the items, making them look more impressive.

Bakery displays should be fitted with good LED lighting that is properly encased, so if the light shatters for some reason, the food is protected from any shards of glass. Also take note of the colour lighting you want, as warm or cool lighting can have an affect on the food you’re presenting, and can enhance the overall theme of your bakery or shop.

Some bakery displays even come with an additional fridge section underneath, to allow bakeries to conveniently store extra butter, eggs, and more. Open display cases allow customers to reach in and choose the item they want straight away.

Bakery Display Case VS Dry/Ambient Display Case

Bakery display fridges differ from dry or ambient display cases with their temperature and moisture content.

Refrigerated bakery displays are great for pastries, cakes, and other perishable foods, as the cool temperature allows these foods to stay fresh for longer. These perishables are prone to oxidation and even mould formation if not properly refrigerated and kept at the correct level of humidity.

A dry bakery display case is ideal for showcasing breads and cookies, or non-perishable goods that do not require refrigeration or heating.

Things To Consider When Buying A Bakery Refrigerator

Once you’ve decided on the type of bakery refrigerator you need, you’ll need to choose a brand from a reputable company.

Some questions to ask:

  • Can the company quickly ship their product directly to your business?
  • How do their prices compare to other similar items from other companies?
  • Do they have flexible payment options?
  • What is the energy efficiency of their products?
  • Do they have warranties on their products?
  • Do they offer any information for servicing and maintenance of their products?

Whether you need a large double door bakery fridge to store all your dough and baked goods, or you need a bakery display to entice your customers, your bakery refrigerator will be a huge asset to your business.

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