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Commercial Refrigeration

High-end commercial
fridge & freezer displays

  • double door display fridge
  • 2 door display freezer
  • Two door commercial display fridge
NovaChill Refrigeration is one of the most innovative leading brands in commercial refrigeration on the Australian market. We pride ourselves in being experts in the refrigeration industry, having over 40 years of experience in commercial refrigeration. We’ve conducted years of extensive research and planning to build superior products. We only sell a handful of products that we know are the best on the market.

Standard NovaChill cabinet features

Fan forced cooling
Ensures consistent temperatures throughout the cabinet.
More than just doors
Lockable, self closing, heated glass doors on all models.
Adjustable shelving
Metal shelving clips allow for flexible and adjustable shelving.
Stainless steel floor
304 Grade stainless steel internal floor.
Lockable castor wheels
4 Inch heavy duty castor wheels. Front wheels lockable.
Single door commercial display fridge
LED lighting
2 LED lights per door + large LED display sign box.
Energy efficient
Save power and take advantage of efficient technology.
Embraco compressors
Maintains an optimal refrigeration cycle.
Switches & controls
Temperature display & controller + easy light & power switches.
Auto Defrost
Forget about frost build up & manually defrosting.

Matching units

Matching one, two and three door NovaChill display fridges & freezers
Single door fridge side on
tripple door fridge freezer
2 door fridge freezer side on

Why NovaChill?

Quality, cost-effective and reliable display refrigeration
NovaChill is committed to replacing inferior cheaper brands with quality, cost-effective and reliable display refrigeration.
We believe inferior products packed full of Chinese parts that are difficult to replace, should be a thing of the past. Gone are the days where your replacement parts are exclusive to one supplier in Australia that has marked up the pricing 1000% just to rip off the customer that little bit more.
Virtually all parts on a NovaChill cabinet are standard parts in the refrigeration industry, making it easy to replace parts if necessary.

4 Year Parts Warranty

The entire NovaChill Range comes with a 4-year parts warranty & 2-year labour warranty.

Less Down Time

Due to the quality of NovaChills range you will have less breakdowns, less loss of stock, lower electricity running costs and happier customers.

Experts in the Industry

NovaChill was born from over 39 years of experience in the refrigeration industry. Having seen it all, it was time for a change.

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