What Is NovaChill?

NovaChill has been in the planning and development stage for the last few years, from experts in the refrigeration industry with 39 years of experience. We have been working on designing quality, cost effective and reliable commercial fridges & freezers for the harsh Australian climate. We are on a mission to dominate the market, replacing inferior cheaper brands with quality, cost effective and reliable refrigeration, that not only looks great, but is easy to work on, using common spare parts.

What makes NovaChill so great is the quality of the cabinets being manufactured. Virtually all parts on a NovaChill cabinet are standard parts in the refrigeration industry. Not built being packed full of Chinese parts that no-one in the industry has ever heard of or seen before, or parts that are exclusive to one supplier in Australia that has marked up pricing 1000% to just rip off the customer that little bit more, when the time comes for replacing a part.

With NovaChill, you’ll find features across the full range such as:

  • Quality built cabinet
  • Matching fridge / freezer cabinets available in single, double & triple doors
  • High ambient rating of 43°c
  • 304-Grade stainless steel internal floor
  • 2 points of vertical lighting per door (Built into the glass door)
  • Metal shelving clips, (Not plastic clips)
  • Super strong steel plastic coated shelving
  • Suitable for drinks, dairy, fruit and veg, fresh meat, frozen foods, and ice storage
  • Common spare parts used in manufacture
  • Embraco compressors
  • Fan forced cooling
  • Thick insulation of 60mm
  • Heated glass doors on all models to stop condensation
  • Large cubic capacity units
  • Excellent warranty of 4-years parts, 2-years labour Australia wide
  • Large power savings, compared to many units available on the Australian market